best dumbbell exercises for female beginners

Dumbbell exercises for female beginners are a great way to start toning and strengthening your body. They can be done at home with minimal equipment, and they target all of the major muscle groups. In this post, we’ll take a look at some dumbbell exercises that are perfect for female beginners. We’ll also discuss the benefits of each move and provide instructions on how to perform them correctly. So if you’re looking for a challenging but beginner-friendly workout routine, keep reading!

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Here Some Of The Best Dumbbell Exercises For Female Beginners 

1) Knee Lifts

Knee lifts strengthen your legs (quadriceps), butt (gluteus Maximus muscles), and abdominal. To do this exercise, sit on the ground with your legs in front of you, arms at your sides. Bend one knee up toward your chest. Keep that leg bent while you lift the other leg in the air at a 90-degree angle. Then lower it back to the floor, but keep both knees in your hands for 2 seconds before releasing them to the ground. Repeat this 20 times per set and complete 2-3 sets of these exercises.

2) Floor Slides

Floor slides are great for strengthening your inner thighs (adductor muscles), butt (gluteus Maximus muscles), hamstrings, core, and lower back since they require you to use all of these muscle groups together during each repetition Start by lying flat on your back with your arms outstretched. Bring your heels in, hold them together and place a weight on top of them for stability. Slowly bring your knees up toward the ceiling until they reach a 90-degree angle – you’ll feel a tightness in the inner thigh muscles. Hold this position for two seconds, then slowly lower yourself back to the floor. Repeat this 15 times per set and complete 2-3 sets total.

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3) One-Legged Bridge 

The one-legged bridge is an effective dumbbell exercise for female beginners to strengthen gluteus Maximus muscles, which are often neglected by many women By doing this exercise correctly, you will also develop better balance and coordination. Start by lying flat on your back with feet close together. Raise one leg off the floor at a time so that you are balancing on the other leg. Raise your hips off the floor until they form a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. You can either hold this position or lift and lower your hips quickly for 15 repetitions total per set, 2-3 sets total.

4) Inner Thigh Lifts Target 

The inner thigh muscles (adductors), often get weaker than the outer thighs because many of us tend to favor certain exercise movements over others. So by regularly exercising each muscle group equally, you will not only make them stronger but also prevent injuries in the long run To do this best dumbells exercises, lie flat on your back with both legs extended toward the ceiling and about 6 inches apart. Place one hand on the outer thigh and one hand on the inner thigh, holding both legs steady. Using only your inner thighs, bring them together as close as you can until they almost touch each other. Then slowly spread them apart repeat 15 times per set and complete 2-3 sets total.

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5) Squats

Finally, we’ve saved the best for last: squats! This compound dumbbell exercise for female beginners targets many of the main muscle groups in the body (quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus Maximus muscles), plus it benefits your abs (rectus abdominals muscles). It’s a truly effective way to tone your entire lower half Start by standing with feet at shoulder width and toes pointing slightly outward. Keep your chest high and shoulders dropped down toward the ground. Holding weights at your side, bend your knees and push your butt out behind you (not forward). Keep going until your thighs reach a 90-degree angle with the floor and then slowly stand back up to complete one repetition. Do this 15 times per set and complete 2-3 sets total.

Don’t forget to use proper form when doing these exercises – it’s key for avoiding injuries while maximizing benefits! So aim for 15 repetitions of each exercise but only do as many as you can without losing good form. 

dumbbell workout for female beginners


Hope this article has helped you shed light on how to work out dumbbells for female beginners. With these exercises, there’s no excuse not to get toned and strong! So what are you waiting for? Grab a set of dumbbells today and start your fitness journey. If you feel like you need help mastering women’s dumbbell exercises or would like an advanced routine, check out our best dumbbell workout blog. We also recommend that women consult their doctors before starting any new workout routine. Now find a center and get started!

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