Kettlebell exercises for arms

Kettlebells are simple pieces of equipment but they can prove to be very versatile in different training routines. Kettlebell exercises for arms can help you to develop functionality in this area. You may also use them as part of a full-body workout plan or kettlebell arm workout. If you exercise at home, kettlebells will definitely come in handy because they can work very well as a home gym piece of equipment.

kettlebell exercises for arms

It is possible to use Kettlebell Exercises for arms but it is very important to understand that kettlebells are not used like classic bodybuilding exercises. Kettlebell training should be focused on movement patterns and not particular muscles. The thesis of this article is that kettlebell exercises for arms to have a functional aspect in order to bring the most benefit, with regards to posture improvement and injury prevention. There is no other effective method than using kettlebells for such a purpose, as it has been proven by experts over and over again.

Having good-looking and functional arms is the dream of many men and women. In order to make this dream a reality, you may want to try out some kettlebell exercises for arms and upper body. Kettlebells are very effective when it comes to working out different parts of the body such as the legs, glutes, back, and obviously the arms. They can prove to be very helpful if they’re used correctly during a kettlebell workout session with regards to strength training. This will involve using only one arm at any time when lifting a kettlebell or performing a certain type of movement pattern that does not allow for two limbs to be involved simultaneously.

There are many methods of kettlebell exercises for arms that can be used to accomplish this goal. The popularization of kettlebells is very recent since they have been used by the Russian army, Spetsnaz units, and professional sportsmen for decades. The main reason behind the success of the kettlebell exercises for arms is this kind of training is linked to its functional aspect. It develops amazing coordination between muscles involved in any kind of activity requiring arm strength. What’s more, it requires great stability from the entire body while using it which brings about huge benefits in long term.

weight lifting kettlebell exercises for arms

Let’s see what are some kettlebell exercises for arms that you can work into your routine:

Figure 1 – Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swing For a start, you have to master the kettlebell swing. This movement is an excellent exercise for your entire posterior chain and also includes the arm muscles in every phase of motion. The major difference between a regular deadlift and a kettle-bell swing is that the hips are doing the same job as the back instead of just keeping them straight. In fact, during the kettlebell exercises for arms, it’s necessary to keep the lumbar spine completely flat while squeezing your glutes at the end of each motion.

Figure 2 – Kettlebell Swing Static Hold

This is the kettle-bell swing static hold, closeup, And here is another variation of the kettlebell exercises for arms: static hold, which is no different from Romanian deadlift, however, it is way more difficult to maintain good posture.

Figure 3 – Static Hold

Kettlebell Clean & Press This exercise is another classic kettlebell exercises for arms that also targets many areas of your body. It’s similar to the famous barbell clean and press but has some important extra benefits like increased shoulder flexibility. By learning how to do this movement correctly you will be able to improve your lumbopelvic rhythm which besides being beneficial for your running speed (if you are an athlete) also helps to prevent injury in everyday life.

kettlebell exercise for men

Figure 4 – Kettlebell Clean & Press

kettlebell clean & press closeup is another fine point of the kettlebell exercises for arms on the matter: “You can use kettlebells to retrain the jerk. The kettlebell clean and the press is a great teaching drill – it forces you to think about pulling, shrugging, pressing, locking out all at once.”

Figure 5 – Kettlebell Snatch

Kettlebell Snatch Finally, you can try out kettlebell snatch, which is one of the finest kettlebell exercises for arms to develop explosive strength. This type of exercise doesn’t only help with your vertical leap but also promotes better shoulder flexibility and stability. It’s definitely one of the most challenging kettle-bell movements, yet it will reward you in long term.

kettlebell snatch And here is another interesting point about kettle-bell snatches: “The kettlebell snatch is not an Olympic lift. It’s a ballistic, full-body exercise that will strengthen your grip, shoulders, and back like a few other kettlebell exercises for arms. To do it you swing the kettlebell between your legs to gain momentum, then pull with your hips and shrug your shoulders as you catch it.”

weight lifting kettlebell exercises for arms


Well, that’s it; Hope this article was useful for you and you now know some kettlebell exercises for arms. They might seem extremely easy at the beginning but make no mistake – these movements are like oil in water: when mastered properly they can be extremely beneficial. If you want to add something very practical into your daily schedule then try to utilize the swings in order to warm up before training or use them as a finisher after your regular workout. There is an old saying: “Swing the kettlebell as you mean it!” and following this advice certainly pays off!

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