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Kettlebells are for workouts. But, these tireless exercise tools can make you hurt or get workout injuries if you don’t use them carefully during workouts. They involve tough exercises that affect multiple body muscles. In this way, kettlebell workouts help in burning a good number of calories and also improve the overall health of your body. Ever since the kettlebell workout gained popularity, it has got its fair share of good and bad reviews. It mainly includes explosive movements that help to work upon many parts of your body like glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and core muscles. All this helps in building strength, power, and endurance in your body.

workout injuries

But along with all these benefits, there are some risks or workout injuries involved in kettlebell training too. A kettlebell workout involves highly strenuous exercises which can cause kettlebell injuries if you are not performing them in the correct form.

So here we will discuss various kettlebell workout injuries that one can get while working out with a kettlebell:

Kettlebell Shoulder Injury

Working out with a kettlebell causes a risk of getting pulled or strained muscles in the shoulders which ultimately result in a shoulder injury. So it is necessary to know about the proper technique before starting a workout.


workout with shoulder injury


Incorrect form while training with kettlebells increases the risk of kettlebell injuries to joints and muscles. And, if you lift the too heavyweight using bad form you can get these kettlebells injured easily. Experts recommend that maximum effort should be given during kettlebell workouts but no extra force should be involved in it. So make sure not to use excessive force when working out with kettlebells else you will get hurt.

Kettlebell Elbow Injury

When doing squats, make sure not to drop your elbows at the bottom position as it can cause pain in your elbow. It is necessary because if you don’t follow the correct form then you may feel a sudden sharp pain in your forearms and elbow. It is advisable to keep your elbows close to the body when doing squats with kettlebells else you are risking kettlebell injury.

Kettlebell Knee Injury 

kettlebell injuries

Kettlebell Knee injuries are common in a kettlebell workout. This exercise tool involves a lot of weight training which can make your muscles strong but at the same time, it might cause workout injuries to ligaments if proper care is not taken during a workout. Some people complain about pain or knee injuries after achieving great results with kettlebells.

So, if you are feeling any kind of discomfort or any kettlebell injuries after working out with kettlebells then stop using them immediately and consult a doctor for advice.

Another important thing that should be kept in mind while working out with kettlebells is that one should use the correct form so as to avoid lower back kettlebell injury. If you feel any kind of discomfort in your back while training with kettlebells then stop immediately and try to reverse the movement.

Kettlebell Arm Injury

Some people complain about kettlebell arm injuries after achieving great results with kettlebells. So it is advisable to use the correct form while using kettlebells for a powerful workout otherwise you may get injured. You can also take help from experts or experienced persons before starting a workout routine with a kettlebell exercise tool. So if you are working out with kettlebells and feel any pain or get any workout injuries during a workout then stop doing it and consult a doctor for advice and a rehabilitation program. It is very important to use kettlebells carefully so as to avoid workout injuries.


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Here are some tips to reduce workout injuries and also help you stay safe during your kettlebell workouts-

So to help you stay safe while embarking on a kettlebell workout program here is what you need to know!

Learn how to do each movement with the correct form before trying out harder variations of the same move because doing so will prevent workout injuries to joints and ligaments. Also, if it is hard on your body, give yourself more time to adapt to the new movement. Do not go all at once at attempting things beyond your reach.

Tips to Avoid Kettlebells Workout Injuries:

If you are new to kettlebells, then it is advisable to hire a personal trainer or enrol yourself in a kettlebell training class. The reason behind it is that the movement should be done with correct form and you should not get any kettlebell injury and did not put any body part at risk. This can cause injury and unnecessary pain to your body.

If you don’t find either of the two options fit for you, then below are some suggestions:


exercising with an injury
  • Always warm up your muscles before starting off with a kettlebell workout.
  • Learn how to do the movements smoothly as rushing through them can create stress on joints and ligaments.
  • Start light as doing so will ensure safety and also give you time to adapt to the technique involved in the movements.
  • Although these tips seem simple yet they encompass all that is needed. You just need to take a little time and attention to learn the workout thoroughly.

Tips for advanced kettlebell users to get rid of kettlebells workout injuries:

In case you have been practising with kettlebells for some time now, then it is advisable to practice caution as well as make a few changes in your current workout routine. If you experience any kind of pain and any workout injuries or discomfort while performing the movements, stop immediately and consult a doctor beforehand. Start light and practice with a lot of reps, gradually increasing the load before going on to heavier weights.

Always perform a thorough warm-up before starting off with a kettlebell workout. If you are not warmed up well enough it will invite trouble or workout injuries for your joints and ligaments while performing heavy movements.

working out with an injury


If you have any kind of chronic workout injuries then consult a doctor if it is safe for you to start a kettlebell and dumbbell workout or not. In case you get injured during a workout stop immediately and apply the RICE method to recover from the strain that has been put on your muscle tissue. RICE includes- rest, ice pack application, compression, and elevation.

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